Freshwater for Life supports call to prioritise freshwater quality

Freshwater for Life is announcing their support for the Choose Clean Water tour, which will see four young New Zealanders visit over 25 lakes and rivers around the country to document how the deterioration in water quality is affecting local people and aquatic life.

The group will be collecting signatures for a petition calling for all waterways to be safe for primary contact (swimmable) and to establish that the priority for freshwater should be the health of people and wildlife.  They aim to have the minimum standard for freshwater raised from ‘wadeable’ to ‘swimmable’. Freshwater for Life believes these priorities should be just as high, if not more, than economic priorities.

Current legislation for freshwater does not allow for the protection of freshwater life or ensure that current and future generations are able to enjoy our freshwater areas. We are seeing large areas of deteriorating water quality, particularly in lowland rivers and lakes where agricultural production occurs and where most people live.

The tour is also supported by Tourism Export Council and Freshwater Foundation. It commences in Taupō on 10 January and runs through to 6 February 2016.

More information can be found on the Choose Clean Water website and Facebook page.

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