‘Freshwater For Life’ was formed to offer independent honesty into freshwater environmental reporting in New Zealand. At present, the organisations reporting on the state of the environment have no independent oversight and are effectively reporting on their own progress (or lack of it).

Freshwater For Life independently reports on the impacts to New Zealand’s fresh water. Information is provided on the main threats to good water quality in our lakes and rivers. We strive for greater protection of native aquatic life and the places they live. Our goal is to safeguard and protect fresh water and the life it supports, so present and future generations can enjoy what we all love.

We discuss the impacts on freshwater, information about freshwater in New Zealand, and solutions to improve freshwater quality.

Who is involved?

Mike Joy

Mike Joy (BSc, MSc 1st class hons, PhD in Ecology) is a Senior Researcher at the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

He researches freshwater ecology, ecological modelling bio-assessment, freshwater policy, energy, economics and environmental science.

You can see Mike’s academic publications here, and view his professional profile here.

Phone: 64 4-463 6746
Email: mike.joy@vuw.ac.nz
LinkedIn: Connect with Mike Joy

Visit the Manaaki Tuna: Lifeline for Longfins website

Kyleisha Foote

Kyleisha Foote is currently a PhD candidate at Concordia University, Montreal. She researches human impacts on the environment, particularly freshwater.  She is interested in valuing external impacts of activities and adopting sustainable land use management practices.

We thank the numerous people who helped and inspired us for fresh water.

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