Nicola Grigg: Oh, “Mike Misery”—”Dr Mike Misery”!

Question No. 8—Environment 8. Hon EUGENIE SAGE (Green)(remote) to the Minister for the Environment: Talofa, Mr Speaker. Thank you. Is dilution the solution to agricultural nitrate pollution, or is there a need to reduce nitrate leaching into groundwater in regions such as Canterbury to reduce risks to drinking water and freshwater from farmed areas? Hon DAVID PARKER (Minister... Continue Reading →

A new report revealing yet another central and local government freshwater protection failure : ‘No Bridge Over Troubled Water; Transmission Gully, Te Puka Stream’

by Sarah Monod de Froideville and Charles Louisson, Victoria University Wellington Background of my involvement: A few years ago, I was contracted by Kapiti Coast District Council (KCDC) to be their freshwater ecologist for the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Board of Inquiry (BOI) into the Transmission Gully project. KCDC wasn’t opposing they just wanted... Continue Reading →

The Groundswell protest claimed regulation and taxes are unfair to farmers – the economic numbers tell a different story

While the sector pays tax on income like everyone else, the amount paid by the dairy sector ($531.7 million in 2019/20 – or 0.7% of total tax revenue) looks to be substantially less than the costs associated with transfers from the government back to the sector and remediation of environmental damage caused by the sector.... Continue Reading →

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