Some bad publicity for NZ overseas.

This is why shortermism allowing intensification by ignoring externalities will come back to bite you. Our clean green image is so valuable we risk everything - tourism export markets are just the beginning.

Freshwater eels in New Zealand

You can download this awesome informative pamphlet about New Zealand's three species of freshwater eels and how to tell them apart. It is a great resource for schools, conservation clubs, community groups, and the general public. Download here: Freshwater eels in New Zealand

Chemical Drains

Chemical contamination in New Zealand's fresh water is failing to be recognised under New Zealand's National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management (the legislation that is supposed to manage and protect NZ's fresh water). Jodie Bruning has written a thorough account of chemical pollution in water, the lack of monitoring to detect the extent of the... Continue Reading →

Our deadly nitrogen addiction

"Humanity is facing an unprecedented dilemma - how to feed a burgeoning population while resources decline and the ability of the Earth's ecosystems and atmosphere to absorb pollution diminishes." The human population has reached a level far in excess of the ability of the planet to sustain it long-term through using synthetic nitrogen. The 'green... Continue Reading →

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